Ny hemsida

Nu har äntligen hemsidan fått en ny och fräsch design! Hoppas att ni gillar den!


We’re currently working on a new website, but we recommened you follow us on Facebook instead: https://www.facebook.com/warmlanders. You haven’t missed our new EP, have you? You’ll find it on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes etc… And if you live in Oskarshamn or Kalmar, be sure to come see us in July!


Visit us and Like us at FACEBOOK and listen to our songs at Soundcloud. We’ll keep updating this site from time to time, but for more frequently made updates and info, follow us on Facebook. You wish to book us? Send an e-mail to: ulf.mostrom.@warmlanders.com or emil.karlsson@warmlanders.com

Out of date

For a while now, the site may be out of date. We’re working on a new design, but it takes time :) Meanwhile, listen to our new great songs WHEN DREAMS ARE SHATTERED, PERFECTION’S OUT OF RANGE and GIVE ME A SIGN on myspace.com/thewarmlanders. Do join us @ Facebook for news and more frequently updates. Until we meet – have a good one!

Jössefröjda talang

We’re currently taking part in the competition Jössefröjda Talang! and you can give us YOUR vote by buying ARVIKA NYHETER and send in a tiny piece of paper where you vote for # 3! This month we’re also planning on releasing a EP containing 3 songs – and we’ll let you know when it’s ready. Don’t miss us this month in both Arvika and Karlstad (see LIVE).

Cosmos Studios

Our website will be a bit out of date for a while now, since we’re working on a new one, and hopefully it will be finished by this fall.
A few weeks ago we went to Stockholm and recorded our new hit-song ”When dreams are shattered” (you can soon listen to a rough mix in the MEDIA section) at COMSOS Studios. It was totally awsome and the final results is bound to be just as awsome! Soon we’ll present our upcoming gigs this summer – we’re just waiting for some final dates!
We would also like to thank Fredrik Andersson for his time in the band, and wishes him the best of luck in the future! Stay tuned for more!

Africa and UNO

Again, it’s been a while since we updated the site. We’ve continued recording tracks for our next album, and we’ve really focused on that, but now we’re gonna start doing gigs again. We did a consert, while collecting money to people in need in Africa, at Blåsut and next friday we’re gonna perform at the big stage on UNO in Karlstad, on Kulturnatten. 22.15 – don’t miss it. It’s gonna be a great show. The gig at Blåsut was also Fredrik Kelemens last show with the band, and we wish him good luck in the future with his power metal band LANCER.

We’re also gonna do a kind of live-consert-video-recording, come this november. Stay tuned for more info soon!

New album

The last few months has kept us all busy, but now we’ve resumed our rehearsals, and we have also resumed our recordnings for official album #2!
All percussion’s been made (f.e Marimba and Xylophone – awsome!) and for the moment we’re doing some re-takes with the guitars to get a big, fat sound.
We’re also writing some new, fresh material and have begun planning our gigs for this spring and summer. Stay tuned for more! Until then, check this out from last december: Perfection’s out of range


We’ve taken a short break, due to recent events. Last august we recorded the ground material for our new record, an we’re pleased! We’ve been writing new material as well, and soon we’ll head into post-production and do some re-takes.
Also, don’t miss our only two gigs before X-mas: November 19th and December 11th!


We’ve played our gigs at Nojesfabriken, and they all went well! And we now also own a real cool backdrop – thanks to Gotlinds Svets AB – and we’re very satisfied.
We’ll now take a break from live performances for about a month, and we’ll prepare for our next recording, come this August. The new album will contain about 10 songs, and it’ll be a lot of fun rehearsing/recording them.
Also, in about a week or so, you should be able to find us at Spotify and we’re allready at iTunes – try it!

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