Emil & The Warmlanders PR-film
Darkest Before The Dawn
Burning Hearts

Perfection's Out Of Range
Have A Little Faith / Mama's Girl
Changing Lanes


Your Blood Runs Through Me




Mostly In C-Major 2007 mostlyincmajor 1. Dreams Of Youth
2. Bad Man Lives, Good Man Dies
3. Save Me Something
4. According To The Wise Men
5. Lack Of Faith
6. Come My Way
7. It's Christmas
8. Nothing Ever Changes
Changing Lanes 2010 changinglanes 1. You Got It In You
2. Those Were The Days
3. Changing Lanes
4. Don't Rush In
5. On Your Own
6. Who We Are
7. All There Is
8. Turn To The Light
9. Second Chance
Emil & the Warmlanders 2014 emilandthewarmlanders 1. When Dreams Are Shattered
2. Perfection's Out Of Range
3. Give Me A Sign